How do I seed a Round Robin bracket?

In a Round Robin bracket, everyone in the same group plays each other once. As a result, the only decision you need to make is which participants to put into which groups. 

There are two primary ways for you to divide your players into groups:

  • Seed Number

    Participants with the highest seed numbers will be separated from one another into different groups.

  • Groups

    You can make sure participants are in different groups by manually assigning a group letter to each participant.

  • Step 1

    To begin, click on the "Seed" link underneath the round robin bracket you want to seed and it'll start you at the following options page.

    On this screen, there are two options you can choose from to start seeding - Manually seed teams or Auto-seed teams.

    If you know exactly which teams or players should go into each group, then manual seeding gives you an empty slate to start assigning teams to groups.

    If you are using the Auto-seed option, you can configure how many teams you want to seed in total and how many groups you want in your round robin bracket. Teams will automatically get placed into the appropriate number of groups for you, but you can always edit it on the next step.

    Step 2

    On this screen, you'll be able to manually add teams into specific groups, or edit the groups if you chose Auto-seed in the previous step. The page is divided into two major sections:
    • The Team List view is on the left. You can find teams or players registered in your tournament here and assign them to a specific group.

      You can sort the table by clicking on the table headers or use the search feature to easily find the team you're looking for.

    • On the right is the Group List view. Here you can see the teams or players you've seeded by the group they're in. 

      To navigate between groups, click on the group name. The number of teams in the group is underneath the group name. This helps you see, at a glance, if your bracket is balanced.

      You can add or remove groups by clicking on the +/- icons beside the Group List title.

      You can remove a team or player by clicking on the X button for that team.

      You can move a team or player to another group by clicking the move icon and selecting the group you want to move the team or player to.

    On the top right hand corner, there are three helpful features to manipulate your bracket.

    • Reset helps you clear the entire bracket and start over. Don't worry, we'll ask you if you want to unseed every team.

    • Shuffle will place all the teams or players that are currently seeded in a random group. Tip: make sure to have the right numbers of group set before using the Shuffle button.

    • Autoseed will fill up the rest of the round robin bracket automatically for you. Clicking the Autoseed button will pop up a dialog box to prompt  the desired number of teams or players you want in the bracket.

    When you're ready, click the "Generate Bracket" button at the bottom right corner to proceed.

    Step 3

    At this last step, we get to preview what the bracket looks like as your players will see it.

    After you click the "Generate Bracket" button from the last screen, your bracket is in preview mode, but players in your tournament can still see the bracket and the matches. At this time, they can verify the matchups and contact you if they spot any problems.

    When you're confident in the bracket that's generated, click on the "Start Bracket" button near the top to open the bracket for your players to play and score report.

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